Holmes Enterprises is an independent consulting engineering firm providing forensic engineering, expert witness, and inspections for residential and commercial properties.
Bruce E. Holmes, PE

Cause and Origin Investigatons include damages from:

Hurricanes - recent expertise dealing with Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Michael damages
Tornados - scary stuff
Earthquakes/subsidence - Document damage with photos, stay clear till deemed safe
Lightning - Can do the unexpected, like de-bonding a tile roof just from the shock wave
Hail - Beware of the "cosmetic"damage roose.
Floods - Have experience in the which came first - winds or waves
Fires - restoring to pre-loss condition is not as easy as one would think.
Plumbing leaks and failures - small leaks can produce copious amounts of water is short period
Tile floor failures - Ceramic tile does not like water!
Impacts to buildings - It seems folks like to drive their cars into building. Must have something to do with the alcohol :-)

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